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About Us

The carp bait from Kent Particles ranges from particles, pellets, boilies, groundbaits and enhancers that are freshly prepared or rolled and delivered to your door. We aim to provide a quality service together with some of the best value possible. Apart from the carp bait range, we can also supply bait from other bait companies.

Essential Baits CCMoore Sticky Baits
DNA Bait Urban Bait  

All of our carp bait boilies are made from the highest quality ingredients and are all hand mixed and hand rolled to give the best results possible. We work with top quality carp bait suppliers and this enable us to offer you carp bait at really low prices without the loss of quality which is very important to obtain in carp bait.


Kent Particles will be exhibiting at a selection of carp fishing shows throughout the UK so come and find us the following carp shows:

Essex Carp Show
Northern Angling Show
Big One Farnbourgh
Big One Stoneleigh

The latest Carp Bait News

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